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In a continual effort to grow and expand, Ezy Safety Cushioning invested in the business of child safeguard, home safeguard and public safeguard. The directions of Ezy Safety Cushioning research and creativity are to meet customers requirements and updated marketing demands. This allows Ezy Safety Cushioning to grow and provide diversified products to satisfy its customers.

Applications cover Schools, Kindergartens, Playgrounds, Nurseries, Creshes, Homes for the Aged, Hospitals etc. to include places like stairs, wall corners, doors, walls, steps, pillars of garage and building which persons may easily collide with or slip on/against! Safety first, children play happier – is our consistent concept. It is important for us to ensure the safety of children and others.

Our products are safe, durable, quality guaranteed. The products are flame retardant, waterproof, bacteriostasis, non toluene, non heavy metal. The products meet the requirements and were bestowed the certificate of ST safe toys. A continual effort on our product quality and construction skill, allows Ezy Safety Cushioning to win customers trust.

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